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Chris Kling

Chris Kling has been teaching science for over 20 years and has a lifelong passion for the outdoors. He has taught environmental science to students of all academic levels and backgrounds, and specifically taught both AP Environmental Science and IB Environmental Systems and Societies for 10+ years. 

Chris has collaborated with and mentored environmental science teachers and taught environmental science students throughout the country. His passion is bringing high-level science instruction to students who are furthest from opportunity.

Chris is the founder of Science Outside with a vision to create original content that inspires thoughtful classroom discussions and encourages diverse viewpoints. He hopes that teachers and students will find these case studies both relevant to the curriculum and the modern world.

Jay Herrigel

Jay Herrigel has nearly 15 years of classroom experience; teaching mainly physics and environmental science. He has a passion for education, and strongly emphasizes problem-solving techniques believing that learning this skill set will carry students far beyond the classroom.  Analysis, research, creativity, communication, dependability, decision making, and team building are just a few of the core qualities Jay develops in his students. Jay and Chris worked together for 12 years at a high school in NJ before Jay moved to FL with his family.


He continues to tutor math and science, and started a company called Handz for Hire, which connects neighbors for odd jobs around the house. Jay started a DIY Tutorial YouTube Channel that also teaches mini-science lessons relevant to the tutorial topic. 

Chris Kling and Family Solar Eclipse
Chris Kling and Jay Herrigel
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