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  • Is more content coming?
    Absolutely! We are constantly working on new and updated material, so please keep checking back.
  • Who are the target audiences of Science Outside?
    The target audiences are science teachers and home school parents to use for their high school science students. Our goal is to create relevant content that compliments core science principles taught in science courses across the United States. The content is challenging enough to be used in an AP or IB course, but is adaptable to any level.
  • Can I purchase all case studies for a particular curriculum?
    Not yet, but soon! Once we complete all the content for a course, we will group all material into one document for an easy one time download.
  • Can I create and sell relevant educational content on Science Outside?
    By all means, please let us know what you're thinking. Science Outside is a Professional Learning Community for creators of extraordinary teaching and learning resources. We are open to a conversation and would consider partnering if the science material is the right fit! Contact us:
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