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I was starting to get in a rut in the middle of my career, and when I started teaching the content through the case studies, I feel more energized than ever because my class is so interesting, and the energy that my students and I share when discussing the case studies can literally be felt. My students are walking into the room discussing the case studies before the bell even rings!

Science Teacher, New Jersey

Teacher in Classroom

This has transformed my teaching and taken it to the next level. My students love class more than ever and are learning more than ever.

Science Teacher, Virginia

Senior Trans Person

In a remote learning environment, these case studies have helped me to engage my students in ways I wasn't even able to do in-person. I can't wait until school returns to 'normal' because I can't wait to facilitate one of these discussions in-person.

Science Teacher, Texas

Science Teacher, Virginia

Homeschooling Mom, Florida

The thing I love about these case studies is that they are so unique. They engage the students who don't normally really like school. They get caught up in the story, and pretty soon the kid who didn't even want to be there is passionately explaining to the whole class what we should be doing when a beaver dam is flooding a neighborhood. I've taught 37 years, and that right there was worth the price of admission. Then, the next Monday, the same kid runs into my classroom and shows me a video he took on his phone of beavers that he found in a pond near his house. This kid loves class now because I wasn't what he expected and he never expected to be talking about beavers. These case studies, they're not what you expect.

Science Teacher, Michigan

I use these in a homeschooling situation, and they have filled me with confidence. My son is so engaged in these case studies and looks forward to the next one, and they are NOT EASY. He embraces the challenge. They are the first authentic homeschooling science resource for high school students I have found that my son loves! I've never seen anything else like them. We talk about them all day, even at the dinner table. My husband even loves them, LOL

Homeschooling Mom, Florida

These case studies are saving my virtual classroom. I purchased the 25 case study collection and so far my students have been very engaged. I like how all the  topics are interesting and the data is presented in a non-biased way. Students can form their own opinions and as a result, we have had great class discussions.

Science Teacher, New York

Young Teacher

If you have tried other case studies, I'd recommend that you try these. They are designed for this course, they don't just happen to be relevant, and the difference between the other case studies I have used and these case studies is very noticeable in practice. The writing is approachable for students yet expands their scientific vocabulary. The questions are diverse, unique, and develop long-lasting skills. There's nothing else like them available right now, and now is a critical moment.

Science Teacher, California

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