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Your privacy is of the highest importance to us! We have put security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of all information under our control. All orders are processed via a secure server (SSL). 


We do not retain or store any credit card information on our servers or at our place of business. All credit card information that is used to purchase products and services from Science Outside is processed and stored by PayPal or Wix Payments on their secure servers.

Customer information such as name, email, and phone number may be saved when orders are processed through the Science Outside shopping cart software. When a payment service is used to process orders, credit card numbers, expiration dates and security codes are not saved through the Science Outside software or the database that is used by the software.


At the request of the thousands of other teachers who use the case studies to enhance student learning, please respect the usage guidelines below:

1. By purchasing and downloading the Student Edition of a case study you are entitled to print and distribute copies to the students you teach. These students must be enrolled in the school district in which you are employed. You are also entitled to display the Student Edition of the case study electronically in a closed learning community visible only to your students. One purchase of a download code entitles one teacher to use the product. School administrators are entitled to one download of the product for their review and then may pass the usage license to a teacher under their supervision. You are not entitled to enable more than one teacher in your district, or teachers and students in other school districts, to view and/or use Science Outside digital products. Electronic transmission is expressly forbidden. Sharing your download code with another teacher or student is not permitted. 

2. By purchasing and downloading the Teacher Edition of a Science Outside digital product you are representing that you are a teacher. This document is also available for use by those who are homeschooling their children or others in a homeschooling cooperative group. As a purchaser you are entitled to print copies of the Teacher Edition for your own use and use them to assist you in providing written or oral feedback to your students. No electronic display of the Teacher Edition is permitted. In the course of an academic honesty investigation, if an authorized teacher or school administrator contacts and provides Science Outside, LLC with the name(s) of a student(s) or family member(s), we reserve the right to confirm the purchase of a Science Outside digital product to the authorized teacher and/or administrator. 

3. By violating the aforementioned terms and conditions of use, you are subjecting yourself and your school district to legal action. More importantly, by displaying the answer key to a case study you are undermining the learning process of students everywhere! 

Payment Methods

Purchased digital products from Science Outside are non-returnable and non-refundable. All sales are final. If you purchased a digital product and are having trouble with the download, then please contact us at

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