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Science Outside is proud to present our virtual escape room! Your descendants are in crisis due to climate change hundreds of years in the future and have sent back a piece of technology, Rapitrek, to help guide you through your journey around the world. 


Once you purchase the escape room (one license per teacher), you'll receive an access URL and a detailed answer key to help monitor your students' progress. The access URL is valid for as long as Science Outside is around and we plan on being here for a long time! We also plan on updating the data every few years to keep everything current! Students will use the access URL to begin the adventure, learn content, and have fun solving puzzles and unlocking clue-bearing video clips. Students will work together to save the world for future generations by choosing their own solution that will invoke meaningful class discussion. Here's a behind the scenes video we made to give you more insight about the climate change virtual escape adventure!


*The escape room works best on a desktop formatted browser (laptop, desktop or iPad). It will work on a mobile browser (cell phone); however, two of the interactive puzzles will not format to fit the screen properly. Scroll bars will allow students to move left, right, up, or down to see these two puzzles.  

Climate Change Virtual Escape Adventure: Our Last Hope

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