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This is a collection of our environmental science case studies (editions 1-25 at a 20% discount). There are 51 PDF documents that include both the student and teacher editions of each case studyand a table of contents that gives a brief description of the case study along with the NGSS, APES, and IBESS alignment. Click here to see how our content aligns with the APES curriculum.Please check out "Why Case Studies?" and "How to Use Case Studies" for more guidance on how we use case studies effectively in our classroom. 


Case Study List (Teacher and Student Editions Included):

  1. American Bison
  2. American Chestnut
  3. Bald Eagles
  4. Beavers
  5. Big Horn Sheep
  6. Brook Trout in the Adirondacks
  7. Caribou
  8. Earthworms
  9. Eating at a Different Trophic Level
  10. Firewood
  11. Go Outside
  12. Moose
  13. Mountain Lions
  14. Mule Deer
  15. New Jersey Black Bears
  16. New Jersey White-Tailed Deer
  17. North Atlantic Right Whale
  18. Pennsylvania White-Tailed Deer
  19. Pronghorn
  20. The Human Population
  21. Wild Harvest Protein Potential of the United States
  22. Wild Hogs
  23. Wild Horses
  24. Wild Turkeys
  25. Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Environmental Science Case Studies Collection Vol. 1

  • ZIP file containing 51 PDF files 
    (25 Teacher Editions, 25 Student Editions, and Table of Contents)

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