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*A SPECIAL NOTE to the teachers who own the Environmental Science Laboratory Manual (2nd Edition). The 3rd edition is a free upgrade! We will be emailing you a promo code between 8/7/23 - 8/11/23 to download this new edition.  Please keep an eye out in your inbox or spam folder. If you do not receive an email by 8/12/2023, reach out to us, 


The Science Outside Environmental Science Laboratory Manual is now used by high schools, colleges, and universities in all 50 states and over 60 countries around the world. The 3rd Edition contains 10 exciting new activities, for a total of 92 laboratory investigations, field studies, simulations, and demonstrations. We have also revised several of the labs from the 2nd edition. Whenever possible, we have included a Student Edition, Remote Student Edition, and Teacher Edition for each activity. The Teacher Edition contains collected sample data and answers to questions. The Remote Student Edition includes collected data yet requires remote students to process and analyze it so they can formulate thoughtful responses to the questions. The lab manual includes two materials lists: one organized by investigation and another organized by vendor to make the purchasing process easier. Finally, we also included a Student Safety Contract specifically designed for the Environmental Science course.


This Science Outside Environmental Science Laboratory Manual is designed to be a comprehensive, highly effective collection of laboratory investigations, field studies, simulations, and demonstrations that provide a robust mix of hands-on and minds-on experiences.

Goal: To cultivate authentic skills of scientific investigation

Target audience: Grade 9 through Undergraduate College


For further product details, please visit our laboratory manual landing page located in the main menu at the top of the page! Click here to see how our laboratory manual aligns with the APES curriculum.

Environmental Science Laboratory Manual (3rd Edition)

  • Digital ZIP file containing 202 PDF files 

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