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Topics Explored: Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, Force, Acceleration, and Mass

We are giving away this free physics lab called "Atwood's Machine". It's just one of many investigations, demonstrations, activities, and simulations that is included in the Physics 1 Lab Manual (2nd Edition).


This lab revolves around the exploration of Atwood's Machine, an apparatus designed to investigate Newton's laws of motion with constant acceleration. Students engage in a hands-on experiment using a low friction pulley system to measure the acceleration of a mass system with unequal weights, aiming to verify the theoretical principles of physics. By collecting and analyzing data through a smart pulley, students not only gain insight into the practical applications of Newton's Second Law but also apply their knowledge to calculate experimental and theoretical values, fostering a deeper understanding of the relationships between mass, force, and acceleration in a real-world context.   Answer key included.

Lab Investigation: Atwood's Machine (Teacher, Student & RS Editions)

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  • ZIP file containing 3 PDF files 
    (1 Teacher Edition, 1 Student Edition, and 1 Remote Student Edition)

  • AP® Physics 1 Learning Objectives:

    2.2  The student can apply mathematical routines to quantities that describe natural phenomena.  

    2.5 All forces share certain common characteristics when considered by observers in inertial reference frames. 

    2.6 Create and use free-body diagrams to analyze physical situations to solve problems with motion qualitatively and quantitatively. 


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