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The 2nd edition has an entirely new unit, FLUIDS!! If you're teaching AP 1 Physics, we've put together 11 fluids demonstrations and 5 lab activities to make the transition in fall 2024 very smooth. We cover all the bases of density, pressure, Archimedes' Principle, Bernoulli's equation, and Terricelli's theorem through fun, engaging, and tactile activities. In addition, we have updated several labs from the 1st edition! 


Our collection of laboratory investigations, outdoor activities, simulations, and demonstrations that provide a robust mix of hands-on and minds-on experiences are built from the ground up. Some are completely unique and others are revamps of traditional labs with which you may be familiar. Most of the laboratory investigations have original video recordings demonstrating how to set up the lab and collect the data.


Whenever possible, we have included a Student Edition, a Remote Student Edition, and a Teacher Edition for each activity. The Teacher Edition contains collected sample data, teaching tips, and a full answer key with all of our work. The Remote Student Edition includes collected data yet requires absent, virtual, or homeschool students to process and analyze it so they can formulate thoughtful responses to the questions. The lab manual includes a materials list organized by investigation. Finally, we also included a Physics Student Safety Contract specifically designed for the Physics 1 course. Sometimes, you just gotta give the teachers what they want!


Target audience: Grades 9 through Undergraduate College


For further product details, please visit our physics laboratory manual landing page. 

Physics 1 Laboratory Manual (2nd Edition)

  • Digital ZIP file containing 98 PDF files 

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