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Enlighten the minds of budding geologists with our Long Wave Fluorescent Minerals collection! Immerse yourself in the world of STEM Earth Science while exploring nine captivating specimens under ultraviolet rays. This kit, perfect for classroom demonstrations or homeschool lessons, is essential for grades 6-12. Witness these minerals spring to life in a mesmerizing display of nature's wonders. Continue the luminescent learning with this vital addition to your science curriculum! This kit includes samples of Aragonite, Onyx, Calcite, Quartz, Fluorite, Willemite, Scapolite, and Hackmanite. You will need a UV lamp (or just a standard blacklight) with an electromagnetic wavelength around 375 nm. 

Scott Resources 2385 - Long Wave Fluorescent Minerals - 8 Specimens

SKU: 2385
  • A Great STEM Kit for Earth Science Enthusiasts!

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