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Uncover the mysteries of the Paleozoic era with our exclusive 15 Specimen Fossils Collection! This set is perfect for budding geologists and science enthusiasts, covering everything from the Cambrian to Tertiary periods, and showcasing a wide array of major phyla. It's ideal for STEM education, homeschooling, classroom demonstrations, and science labs. Let these ancient treasures ignite curiosity and learning in students aged 12 and up. Who said studying rocks couldn't be exciting? This kit includes samples of Trilobite, Echinoderm, Cnidaria, Cephalopod, Brachiopods, Gastropods, Protozoa, and Fern Fossil.

Scott Resources 3110-S - Paleozoic Fossils Collection - 15 Specimens

SKU: 3110-s
  • A Great STEM Kit for Earth Science Enthusiasts!

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