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Perpetual Dynamic Content Development

You may not realize it, but you play a vital role in the quality of our educational materials! After releasing new content, we rely on your constructive feedback, and we earnestly appreciate the time you take to make suggestions. Upon receipt of your feedback, we reflect on your ideas, incorporate your best recommendations, and revise to improve our existing content. Updated materials are posted on our website with a dated red banner so that teachers who previously purchased the product can access the latest and greatest version at no cost / no hassle. This process, which we call perpetual dynamic content development (PDCD), results in continual improvement. Your crucial feedback directly and positively impacts our entire teaching community!

When we started Science Outside in 2020, we had a vision to create living and fluid documents that could be updated every few years with the latest data and continually made better with the feedback from you and your students. When we develop our materials, we are fortunate to be in a position where we have the freedom to be creative without administrative red tape. We thoroughly research each topic and focus on the data with the intention of producing high-quality yet not overly prescriptive products. When we publish, we humbly recognize that our products are never final. Data is always being collected and changing; therefore, we are continually open to feedback and revision.

We are coming up on our three-year anniversary, and the number of teachers who share ideas or suggestions continues to grow. We love it! Thank you to those who have taken the time to reach out. Based on your feedback, our initial vision has come to fruition! We are really looking forward to the future because many talented teachers from different science disciplines have asked to be part of the creative process. Currently, we have small teams of biology, chemistry, physics, and middle school teachers from around the country creating first-rate teaching materials quickly to help teachers and students. It’s exciting!! And we have teachers like YOU to thank for it!!

Thank You!

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